Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shorter reviews than ever before. My Buy Pile for 11-2-11 (A.D.H.D. Edition)

This was a light week, at least as far as current comics go. As usual I I bought my share of DCnU books, a few Aspen and Image releases and an X-Men and Spider-Man book. This week I will just give a few comments about each book and an overall grade. It's becoming more and more clear which books of the DCnU are going to make the cut. I have already decided to drop Resurrection Man, which joins Blue Beetle and Supergirl in the reject pile. The problem is, for every DC book I've dropped, I've  managed to find a replacement title. I'm not saving one red cent yet. Hopefully the appeal of these relaunches fade fast.

Action Comics #3 - DC Comics

This issue was very, very Grant Morrisony. Decent, if you like weird Grant Morrison stuff. 3.5/5

Amazing Spider-Man #673 - Marvel Comics

Follow-up to Spider-Island. Ok stuff as an epilogue, but pales to the SI finale. 3/5

Blood Red Dragon #1 - Image Comics

A strange tale of how a real life Japanese singing sensation becomes a warrior fighting for the survival of mankind. The main character, Yoshiki, is a real dude. For weirdness alone, I give it a 4/5.

Charasmatic #0 - Aspen MLT

Queue up Rivers Cuomo and B.O.B., because this book has the magic in it. It's a 0 issue so it only serves to establish that there is both magic and magicians involved in this book. 3/5 

Executive Assistant Orchid #1 - Aspen MLT
Executive Assistant Orchid #2 - Aspen MLT
Executive Assistant Orchid #3 - Aspen MLT

This was a fun mini from the folks at Aspen. One of many "Executive Assistants" to mob bosses is also an assassin. Lots of dudes get killed. As one would expect from an Aspen book, all of the assassins are sexy ladies. 4/5

Justice League International #3 -DC Comics

Book of the week. Fun and engaging. Jurgens is doing great work making this one of the very select few humour books in the new 52. That said, it has a ton of action and is very fast paced and in your face. 5/5

Hawk and Dove #3 - DC Comics

At SDCC this year, writer Sterling Gates said he wrote Hawk and Dove to meet the strengths of his artist, Rob Liefeld. I didn't know what that meant until I saw that the villains have exactly the same costume as the heroes in this book. The gag is, Rob Liefeld draws every character exactly the same. Basically, Rob only has to draw two characters. Also there are a lot of gritted teeth. Despite all of that, I liked this book. 4/5

Last of the Greats #1 - Image Comics
Last of the Greats #2 - Image Comics

Strange and twisted tale of the sole remaining superpowered "saviour" of mankind. The only problem is, the saviour freaking hates all humans. Twists and turns abound. Reminiscent of Irredeemable. 4.5/5

Red Lanterns #3 - DC Comics

If anyone would have told me this would be my absolute favourite book with Lantern in the title prior to the relaunch, I would have laughed. Today, it is reality. It beats out New Guardians by a hair. 5/5

Stormwatch #3 - DC Comics

I don't want to like this book, but for some reason I keep coming back. Maybe it's because Justice League is so disappointing and this is a team book that introduced the entire team in one issue. It did that in one issue with 8 less pages than Justice League. Plus the villain has some weird sci-fi/fantasy vibe. Fun, but far from perfect. 3.5/5

Uncanny X-Men #1 - Marvel Comics

Yep, they're the Uncanny X-Men, yep Namor and Magneto are on the team. Yep, Emma Frost is still a bitch. Yes, they are actually calling themselves "The Extinction Team." Yes the writer, Kieran Gillen,  took a weird and out of place shot at the Iraq war. Unlike the slight dislike I wanted to hold toward Stormwatch, I want to HATE this book. Somehow I don't. 3.5/5

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