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Bottomless pockets: My Buy Pile for 10-28-2011

This was another huge week for me, with 18 total books purchased. My comics budget is out of control thanks in large part to the DCnU 52. Try as I may, I am not able to trim many books from my monthly pull and it is weighing heavily on my budget. I know by issue 6 of most of the new series I will drop out, or at least wait for trades. In the meantime, however, I am forking over cash hand over fist to subsidise my comics addiction. I will be posting short opinions on my purchases this week below and in an upcoming update, I will review which books I will be keeping after issue 3 of the New 52.

Not all of my selections are from DC, however as Marvel and a couple indy publishers also made a few bucks from me this past Wednesday. The breakdown is as follows: 7 DC, 3 Marvel, 5 Aspen MLT, 2 Top Cow and 1 GG Studio comics. I decided to get caught up on Fathom as well as getting the first and zero issues of Lady Mechanika. Aspen really does have some interesting titles and I've enjoyed everything I've picked up from them. Everything beside those titles were current issues.

Before I get into my opinions on individual issues, I have to say my book of the week was Voodoo#2 by Ron Marz and Sami Basri. The last page reveal made me feel like I was 14 all over again and reminded me of why I love comics so much.

(In progress... Updating throughout the day)
Amazing Spider-Man #672 - Marvel Comics

This is how you close out a big crossover event. I was not a big fan of Spider-Island, but the conclusion was handled brilliantly. Dan Slott spun a web of perfection, allowing Peter Parker to reach his full potential. The titular character shines brightly proving that dark and edgy is not the only thing selling these days (pay attention DC.) Reccomended highly to any fan of comics. 5/5

Aquaman #2 - DC Comics

Everything that issue number one did right, this one seems to do wrong. The idea that the world at large views Aquaman as a joke is funny, but it really gets jammed down our throats here. A man interrupts himself while begging Aquaman for help to hurl a few broadsided insults at him. He then claims Aquaman saved his sisters life and she told him "everything" that he was capable of, then demonstrates in the next few panels that he has no idea what Aquaman's powers are. I do want to see where this story is going, but if the star is the butt of too many jokes, it will quickly become unreadable. 2.5/5

Blackhawks #2 - DC Comics

Mindless action and fun. Don't look for a ton of plot here as this is basically a bargain bin version of G.I. Joe. One of the elite team of super soldiers was infected with nanocites at the end of the first issue and we get some idea of what these tiny machines can do to the person they are inside. Continuing the streak of insane violence in the DCnU, a main character loses an arm. The story overall is still fun as The Blackhawks are facing an unknown terrorist threat and public exposure via the Internet. Reccomended for fans of G.I. Joe and the Go-Bots (K-Mart Transformers.) 3.5/5

Captain America and Bucky #623 - Marvel Comics

A quick one and done tale of Bucky and the Human Torch during World War II. Decent quick paced story follows a rebellious Bucky into a POW camp with a twist. Bucky and Toro quickly find themselves fighting for their lives. While the story was solid, it is completely skipable as the next arc in this series skips forward to the Winter Soldier era. 3/5

Dead Man's Run #0 - Aspen MLT

A very interesting prequel to a story where Hell is a very real, very invadible place on Earth. We get a glimpse into a world where guards are appointed to keep everyone who belongs in Hell in, and everyone else out. A very unfriendly picture is painted of the main character, and this seems to be shaping up to be a tale of redemption. I enjoyed, and will be sticking around for the next few issues at least. 4/5

Extinction Seed #0 - GG Studio

Another fun indy title from an Itallian company. GG Studio reminds me of Top Cow as most of their titles feature sexy ladies in the lead spots. This one was no different. Again this is a zero issue so we do not get a ton of background, but there is a lot here to get a new reader interested. This appears to be a somewhat political techno-thriller akin to The Bourne Identity. With a very low pricetag, at $1.99 this is a good pickup if you like techno-thrillers or sexy ladies. 4/5

Fathom #0 - Aspen MLT
Fathom #1 - Aspen MLT
Fathom #2 - Aspen MLT

I read these 3 issues together, and I'm glad I did. I was completely unfamiliar with Fathom, but Scott Lobdell does a great job of catching up any newcomers. The lead character, Aspen Mathews, is the offspring of two kingdoms from below the sea and she quickly becomes involved in preventing a war between the sea dwellers and those that live on dry land. The story is fun and breezes by. Reccomended for people who want to see fish-men try to assassinate the Vice-President. 4/5

The Flash #2 - DC Comics

Flash has been a pretty good title thus far. I'm not entirely sold on the army of clones, and I feel like that concept has been done better elsewhere. Aside from the lame villain, the character development is wonderful. Barry and Iris are very real people, and I want to know more about their relationship and where it is going. I would have to reccomend this to fans of strong character growth. 3.5/5

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 - DC Comics

This is the best of the Green Lantern books, hands down. Kyle really starts to shine, and he gets an assist from Saint Walker. The Guardians are still aloof and unemotional, and they have done something wrong to Ganthet. Kyle gets yet another new suit, and I love it. Reccomended for folks who grew up with Kyle as their GL. 5/5

Justice League Dark #2 - DC Comics

I can't figure out if I like this book or not. I'm intrigued by it, but I'm not sure if I'm enjoying the experience. DC's magical realm is extensive and well fleshed out, but I really don't have any attachment to these characters. Dove guest star s in this issue, and you get more character development in her few guest pages than you will in the two issues of the title she stars in. Madam Xanadu's intentions are revealed on the last page. If you like magical characters, this book may be for you. I, however, may drop it in favor of saving a precious few dollars. 2/5

Lady Mechanika #0&1 Collected Edition - Aspen MLT

I am really enjoying this steampunk adventure. I did go out of sequence and read issue 2 first, but that didn't stop me from liking this issue. Be warned; this book is very dialouge heavy. The word count per page quadruples anything else I read this month. That said, the book manages to not tell more than it shows. A lot of content is packed into these pages. The artwork is beautiful and consistent. I reccomend this to fans of sci-fi and steampunk. 4/5

The Magdaelna #9 - Top Cow Productions

It is no secret that Ron Marz is my favorite comic book writer. As you may expect, I am biased toward this book. It has a well written, interesting and beautiful heroine, corrupt Catholics, monsters, a child that may or may not be the son of satan, amazing characterization and an intriuging storyline. Nelson Blake II is back on art duty after two fill in issues had to be done to get the book back on track and the art is stunning. 5/5

Teen Titans #2 - DC Comics

I'm enjoying most of Scott Lobdell's work in the DCnU and Teen Titans is no exception this month. I was a bit sceptical after the first issue, but I think this could turn out to be a fun book. A brand new character is introduced, Caitlyn Fairchild makes yet another appearance and we learn a few more tidbits about N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Red Robin and Cassie Sandsmark's relationship develops further. 4/5

Top Cow Pilot Season: The Beauty #1 - Top Cow Productions

Another of the Pilot Season books from Top Cow. Here we have an STD that makes people beautiful. Then after an indetermined amount of time, they spontaneously combust. Not surprisingly, both main characters introduced are afflicted by the disease. Predictible and semi-boring. This will likely not win the publication deal with Top Cow, so it can be skipped. 2/5

Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #3 - Marvel Comics

Jonathan Hickman is clearly enjoying having an expendible version of the Avengers to play with. This run is far superior to anything Ultimates related over the past few years. This issue is one long knockdown, drag out battle. In the end, one Ultimate makes off to sacrifice himself for the good of both the team, and all of mankind. Quick and fun, but the $3.99 pricetag is a bit steep for 20 pages of lazer blasts. 3.5/5

Voodoo #2 - DC Comics

My clear cut book of the week if only for the promise of what the next issue brings. A villain who would be familiar to any mid 90's Green Lantern fans emerges on the first few pages. The FBI agent gets duped by Voodoo and the two have a confrontation later. Voodoo manages to slip away, only to have the last page reveal her next opponent. I won't spoil it, you'll have to read it. 5/5

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