Friday, October 14, 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy

Books released on October 12

My Purchases:

Ultimate Spider-Man #3
Ultimate X-Men #2
Green Lantern #2
Superboy #2
Deathstroke #2
Resurrection Man #2
Amazing Spider-Man #671
Top Cow Pilot Season: City of Refuge #1
Jennifer Blood #5

1 Paragraph Reviews

Ultimate Spider-Man #3 - This is my favorite title this year. Great book; deep and interesting characters, well written and beautifully drawn. Lots of character development and we delve deeper into the mind of Miles Morales. The new Spider-Man has not even taken on the Spider-Man mantle yet, and I'm all aboard. Highest possible recommendation. 5/5

Ultimate X-Men #2 - Interesting stuff here. All mutants in the Ultimate Universe are being herded into concentration camps. A handful of X-Men and a former member of the Fantastic Four are fighting back. An old "friend" returns to the fold and the X-Men's unlikely leader takes charge. Recommended for fans of the X-Men that want something VERY different from what the 616 titles have to offer. 3.5/5

Green Lantern #2 - I expected to hate this book. Hal Jordan has become childish and hopeless. Sinestro is Green Lantern. The first book did not meet my expectations. Somehow, halfway through this book, it got better, but only by undoing what should have made this story arc interesting. This book is clearly for readers with very short attention spans. 3/5

Superboy #2 - Some interesting facts about Caitlyn Fairchild, Rose Wilson, Superboy and Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. come to the surface in this issue. A huge reveal about Fairchild is made on the first few pages. More odd interaction between Superboy and Rose. A lot of fun action in this one. I recommend at least giving it a look. 4/5

Deathstroke #2 - I don't know what they are trying to accomplish with this book. It is VERY violent and lacks direction. This entire issue could have been done in three pages. About 15 pages were devoted to Deathstroke violently killin' dudes (and dames.) If all they wanted to do was show Deathstroke was merciless and unscrupulous, all they needed to do was have an editorial note referring to issue #1. Recommended for people who like to see one dude killin' 40 dudes. 2/5

Resurrection Man #2 - Disjointed, but still fun. The amnesiac, undying main character does some self discovery and gets hunted by a pair of ladies with big guns. We get some more background info on the Resurrection Man and the story advances somewhat. If you enjoyed the first book, you'll probably enjoy this one. It's more of the same. I fear that may be a constant throughout the series though. For now, I will be cautiously optimistic. 3/5

Amazing Spider-Man #671 - A fun, but wordy continuation of the Spider-Island storyline. I am not personally enjoying this arc as much as most, but I admit that it has merit. This is a good setup issue moving toward the finale. Heroes gain ground on the villain, only to end up two steps back at the end. Fans of the storyline shouldn't be disappointed. 3.5/5

Top Cow Pilot Season: City of Refuge #1 - The second book of Top Cow's 2011 Pilot Season was a good, detailed read. All of these Pilot Season books have to be packed with information and end on a cliffhanger to pull you in and get your vote. City of Refuge does that, but I'm not entirely sold on it. Generic detective story set in a future akin to the one in the movie 'Equilibrium.' Emotionless people gain access to a drug that allows them to feel emotion, and crime breaks out in the "Utopia." I would recommend this to folks who enjoyed 'Equilibrium.' 2.5/5

Jennifer Blood #5 - Hack n' slash about a suburbanite mother and housewife that moonlights as a masked vigilante. For a Garth Ennis book, this one is light on the typical schlock he likes to throw in. It's a tale of revenge as Jennifer's motive for hunting down an entire crime family is fully revealed. This title is ultra-violent, as is most of Ennis's work, but without much of his usual smarm. No Ennis work would be complete without a sexual predator surfacing at the end of the book. It's a fun read, but by no means a good one. Guilty pleasure all the way. 3/5

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