Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to The Wednesday Funnies

Hello reader. Welcome aboard the runaway train that is The Wednesday Funnies. The purpose of this blog is for it to be a place for me to post my opinions, reviews and vent my frustrations on comic books and the industry that creates them. I've been reading comics going on twenty years now, and like most bloggers had ambitions to in some way become a creator. Since I cannot draw and don't exactly have a slew of artists lining up to draw the multitude of ideas I've come up with over the years, I will stick to reviewing the work of the people who have been so fortunate.

Comic books are a misunderstood medium. The belief still exists that each week we are running to the comic shops to buy stories of heroes helping children pull cats down from trees. What many people are missing is that comics encompass racial relations, political intrigue, religious debate and the classic right versus wrong. Many of the stories told in comics can only be done in such a format because they are both a visual and literary vehicle. The ability to split story telling two-fold is not a weakness, but a strength.

I will be reviewing several new release books each week. I intended to start this blog along with the relaunch of both the DC and the Ultimate universes but fell sadly short of that goal. As I am three weeks behind, I will be working feverishly to get caught up to the current week. There will be several reviews coming over the next several days, but from that point forward I will pick about 4-6 books a week and post one review detailing the lot.

If you have somehow stumbled onto my blog, I hope you will stay tuned. There will be plenty of content to follow.