Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Buy Pile for 11-9-11

Lite week this week. My wallet says thanks, but I am wary for next Wednesday...


It's Marvel Team-Up with a different name and starring Spider-Man every time. Marvel is taking advantage of Spidey's undying popularity and I cannot fault them for it. This book features the first ever team up of Spider-Man and Red Hulk. Not bad, not great. 3/5


This book is finally trying to go somewhere, and it saved itself from getting dropped by advancing the plot somewhat. You actually learn a little about Deathstroke's opponent and the motivation behind it. Staying on board for at least one more. 3/5

I thought this was a six issue mini-series and looked at this as a weak conclusion. As it turns out, this tale of a housewife hitwoman is ongoing. There was enough in the first arc to keep me around for one more, but Ennis needs to blow me away next month to warrant a $3.99 tag on this one. 3/5


Ugh. Geoff Johns attempts to put his precious Hal Jordan in peril in this book, and it's not working. Johns love Hal so much that he could only bear to write Hal as a suffering, hard luck hero for ONE ISSUE before giving him his powers back. He is subservient to Sinestro, but barely and halfway through the book, even that plot point is forgotten. PUT KYLE BACK IN THE MAIN BOOK!!!! 2/5


Tom Morello is trying to write a socially conscious story about a totalitarian government which enslaves it's subjects and it ruthless and cruel and dah da da da dah. Yadda yadda. I don't agree with a lot of Morello's thoughts on big government, but that doesn't stop the story from being enjoyable. It's nearly weighed down by all the rise up ramblings placed in the pages, but there does seem to be a direction here. I'm hesitant to say I like the book, but I do want to see where it goes. 3/5


Forgot to buy this one when it came out. Whoops. Sorry Hawkman. This is written by Tony S. Daniel, so the story doesn't make a lot of sense. Phillip Tan's art saves the hell out of this book. The visuals are striking and it makes up for inconsistent dialogue. I'm still on board the Hawkman Express. 3.5/5


Still digging this book. I like the sci-fi vibe that Scott Lobdell has brought to it and the presence of Caitlyn Farichild is still a neat bonus. Superboy is still struggling with whether he is a hero or not and there is an interesting tidbit about his genetic makeup that did not exist before. Thumbs up. 4/5

Unsurprisingly, this is still my book of the week/month/year. I really, really like Miles Morales as a reluctant hero. I just hope it doesn't take Bendis 10 years to allow him to develop some self conscious like it did with Ultimate Peter Parker. Miles has only just now ventured out as Spider-Man and he has not had much success in either of his outings. I love this book. Oh, and just to remind me of how emotional comics can be, the "Spider-Man saved me from a fire so I didn't die" line makes a return appearance in a flashback. Thanks, Bendis. I needed that tear jerker to make a comeback... 6/5. (Yes, this book has officially broken my scoring meter and earned a 6 out of 5.)

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